Financing an Innovation Culture

During this year I’ve been thinking a lot about organisational culture, particularly with regard to innovation. A culture to achieve a truly free and creative space for genuinely new ideas to thrive.

What I’ve come up with is a series of matrices that enable the budget and change strategy to be flipped on its head! Under this budgetary structure, investment is segmented proportionally to achieve by the high level objective first. CAPEX investment is divided according to the overall vision instead of by aggregating individual project costs. So leading to top down rather than bottom up financing!

Within this framework the leadership style employed at senior management radically changes from being a cascade of strategic goals to a consultative and intrinsic part of the organisation. In other words the functional teams themselves decide on the individual projects and priorities… inspired by Simon Sinek‘s theories among others. I believe this moves organisations from an objective setting focus, to an empowered set of individuals carving their own organisation. Thus people remain invested in the company values, goals and success and are less likely to move on.

Please see the presentation below for more details:

Business Planning for an Innovation Culture

I hope it’s of interest. I would be happy to discuss the approach further if you feel it could be applied within your organisation.

Kind regards

Ruth Wells


Image by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

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