Passing acquaintances 🥰

Christmas is done, betwixtmas is gone, into the year of 2020!

One thing I’ve been reflecting on lately is the Nescafe advert. You know the one that starts with 800,000 people in a stadium and ends with 5 people meeting up for coffee. “Do you have a moment now?” I know a lot of people and keep track of them on Facebook but rarely speak to them or see them. I would like to ask if they have a moment now? Those 800,000 people though are not just friends, they include passing acquaintances. After reading the The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, essentially five passing acquaintances who had a significant impact on your life, I got to thinking who my five people might be and what affect they had on me. The five memorable people I met for just minutes are:

  1. A man on a crowded bus in London when I was 8 months months pregnant. He saw me standing and literally cleared space for me to sit down, very assertively. I was exhausted and will always remember his thoughtfulness. A similar thing happened in Manchester when the only person who offered me his seat was a 10 year old boy. Worth thinking about.
  2. One customer I met while working in a Swiss resort. He’d had a horrendous journey, having been abandoned by the transfer bus with two toddlers and his wife three miles from their hotel. I asked if he would like to make a complaint and his reply has stuck with me. He said “No. I have taught my children to make the best of whatever happens to them.” Sterling advice.
  3. A homeless person in Manchester selling the Big Issue. I said I’d dreamt the previous night of becoming homeless. He looked at me in sorrow as he knew that’s exactly what would happen.
  4. I regularly talk to passengers on trains, and one was a technology company CEO. He spoke of developing a culture where people feel inspired and safe to contribute. I was inspired by him simply because he was so easy to talk to.
  5. While waiting to see the Didcot towers demolished at ridiculous-o’clock in the morning, I started chatting to the other watchers. It reminded me that friends can be made in any situation – something that alluded me last year, but is basically my main new year resolution!

Hope you all have a lovely, social 2020. See you soon!

Ruth x

Header image by Austin Pacheco on Unsplash