How could we change stuff?

Simple: Act as if it matters. Vote. If you need more persuasion, watch this!

As we lurch towards a Christmas general election, I wonder how hard change can be, or should be. Changing the world can’t be that hard with political, economic and social systems which have obvious flaws! There must be a better way than just electing a new Prime Minister based on media popularity. A Prime Minister who may or may not implement successful change…

Various children particularly climate change advocates, including Greta Thunberg, are asking ‘Where are the adults in the debate? Why are they not protesting even more loudly than us?’. They have a point, we the adults currently shoulder voting responsibility. We are creating the world that our children live in and will be living in for the future.

I don’t consider myself a political person. Most of my own votes have been won by the personality, not the party, so I guess the polls would see me as a roaming voter. I do care about the decisions our politicians make, but it doesn’t matter to me what party they belong to. What matters to me is the impetus to make positive change without being too detrimental overall or being too risk averse…

I recently signed up to the LibDem’s bulletin and read the plan that promises lots of policies and change that I whole heartedly agree with. What it doesn’t explain clearly is who pays and how. It ranges from mental health to climate change, adult education to new schools, and I am hopeful there’s a plan to support all these things. I also read that 40 new hospitals are due for construction, which sounds expensive!

My blog on Unemployment and Economic Fairness tries to create a new shape to the economic debate and start developing a new model. In the same vein, what possible model would fund these policies and other valuable things for our world? Here’s a few thoughts, some reasonable, some a little wonky to ponder on:

  1. The one suggestion I support is to add a penny per pound in tax to fund mental health improvement to services. I like it, I would like to see a financial report to show where it’s going and where it’s gone, effectively ring fencing it and guaranteeing its destination.
  2. The People’s Postcode and National Lottery revenue from each area could go into a central, audited fund managed outside local council… Might create more trust in the process…
  3. Could bartering be useful somehow for public services? Think DIY SOS on a national scale! People donating time, skills and intellectual property logged a bit like reviewers on Publons to record and recognise their contribution.
  4. How could we leverage revenue from recycling? Something like Money for Nothing on BBC1 and allocate it to climate change prevention 💰😉.
  5. Add up the amount paid currently to MEPs from the United Kingdom and when we leave the EU have this donated to our farming community. Maybe we could build more polytunnels to reduce food imports and employ more people… 🤔.
  6. Or let’s just invent a new taxation system, maybe based on collective bargaining 😂😎! The theory is that while the rich can afford great advocacy lawyers, there are many lower income individuals and there’s strength in numbers. Worth a try!
  7. Cause related campaigns could be published in a central voting system to enable public prioritisation of causes and concerns, not just each parties portfolio which is open to change on election anyway…
  8. This might be a bit nuts, but if the police confiscate narcotics and other drugs, would they be usefully sellable to the pharmaceutical companies given cannabis now has a licence for distribution 🙄.
  9. The NHS could be funded differently… Do our National Insurance deductions ever reach public services. How about giving NI to an actual insurer, still nationalised health but paid in the same way as car insurance. Some people ‘crash’ and need funding, others still pay a premium but don’t need health care, at least in that year. It would be like a Building Society, BUPA everyone. (Just promise me we increase all the health workers salaries… They deserve more recognition for the pain and trauma they witness and resolve.)

My initial thoughts to date and here’s hoping others come up with more ideas to change the world, or at least our own country!

Love Ruth