Guest Post by Andrew Hughes: Body, Mind, Business: The Entrepreneur’s Trinity of Self-Care

Entrepreneurs understand the time and commitment it takes to build and maintain a strong, lucrative business. Days can easily roll into evenings with little breaks or thoughts of anything but your company. Though it is difficult to walk away from your creation — even for a moment — not taking time for yourself can be even more destructive. Use the following self-care tips from Well Thought Through to help you live your best life.

Take Care of Your Body

Physical fitness is more than just looking good in your clothes. Frequent exercise reduces certain health risks, counteracts the loss of bone density, boosts cognition, and maintains weight. Exercise also gets you out of your own head for a while — which is essential for all of us, but entrepreneurs in particular.

Think of exercise as a gift you’re giving your future self. And the good news is that these days, there are countless ways to get your body the exercise it craves. Joining a gym or an aerobics class, working out at home, or taking a 30-minute walk are all great ways to take a break from work and reduce stress for improved well-being.

Take Care of Your Mind

Along with physical activity, it is important to eat nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day. Grabbing handy treats is not conducive to better brain health and can make you feel sluggish. Eating to stay alert and productive means consuming fatty fish, leafy greens, fresh berries, and various nuts. In one study, consuming more walnuts was linked to scoring better on cognitive tests.

Don’t let your passions and hobbies get pushed to the side. Relax your mind by spending time focusing on something not pertaining to your business. Concentrating on these activities reduces stress, promotes creativity, and ignites confidence and self-esteem.

Deep breathing not only aids in memory and better sleep but also detoxifies your body, relieves muscle tension and pain, and improves your mood. Adding a few minutes of breathing exercises throughout your day clears your mind and enhances your physical and mental health.

Take Care of Your Business

Oftentimes taking care of yourself is difficult due to time constraints. To block out those self-help hours on your calendar each day, hire professionals to take some of your workloads. Not only will you be free of time-consuming tasks, but your business will benefit from new ideas and a vision for growth.

Having an app to store and edit PDFs is another helpful tool for you and your business. You and your team can keep pdf documents together in the cloud, while also being able to add comments and sticky notes for feedback. This saves headaches by not having to keep track of paper files.

Consider hiring an accountant to relieve you of tax filings, daily books, and financial planning. This professional might also suggest an alternative business structure that is advantageous to your business. Save money on lawyer fees by filing yourself or using a formation service. Make sure you check the rules for your state before getting started, as each state has different regulations for incorporation.

A social media professional can save you time as well. Take that one to two hours you spend each day maintaining a presence on social platforms and your website and schedule some “me time.”

Not only can you get back hours in hiring out for your company, but also consider a professional cleaning service for your home or landscaping company to maintain the yard. Not having to do certain chores and keeping your space decluttered and clean will also alleviate anxiety and increase productivity.

Committing time to your business promotes success. Committing time to yourself promotes health and well-being, which is just as critical to the survival of your company. The initial highs of being an entrepreneur can only sustain you for so long; without proper diet, regular physical exercise, and time away to relax, your fuel will run low and your mind and body will falter.

Kind regards,

Andrew Hughes,

Header image via Pexels

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