Finally ready to plant out!

Our garden construction project is now officially underway. We are nearly ready to plant our rapidly growing seedlings and have built a protected raised bed in preparation. This is IT!

Homemade veggie protector!

Having dug in the manure to the top soil and left it covered with the groundsheet to minimise weeds, I built a frame out of old fence posts and a few new panels. We also had some chicken wire so this was cut to size and laid over the frame. As I had pruned prior to the fence being installed, the wire is supported by some of the branches that resulted. The side panels are just twigs bound on at right angles with green, garden string. I tried wire but it was way to tough to bend into position. The end result was therefore free to build and make ready for the plants.

Next step is to load up the topsoil with a layer of compost, which will hopefully make the soil nutrients rich enough to feed the plants. Having planted in and watered what we have so far, see below for the results.

Our last mission is to construct some kind of wildlife refuge with all the old branches. You never know we might finally attract a hedgehog into a new residence! If not, at least the bugs will have somewhere to go 😎. We also hope to hang the old gate and build a surround to the four beds, then we’ll look really professional!!

Having got the first bed done, only three more to go. Here’s to a great first harvest!

Love Ruth x

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