A conversation with Ziyad Marar, President of Global Publishing at SAGE Publications

Last month I had the opportunity to interview Ziyad Marar on leadership and publishing, alongside his career as an author in the social sciences. Much of the discussion centred around his latest title Judged: The Value of Being Misunderstood, which explores topics from embarrassment to the perception of race and the way people from different backgrounds are treated. His other books include The Happiness Paradox, Deception (The Art of Living), and Intimacy.

Ziyad’s career in publishing spans 32 years, starting as a Marketing Assistant and progressing to his most recent role as President of Global Publishing. Having worked for Ziyad in the previous decade, it was great to hear how the SAGE team managed under coronavirus and to listen to how Ziyad’s leadership style has changed over the years.

Ironically, our conversation starts midway with me talking about my own leadership book but goes onto explore our experiences with work and family, as well as cultural change. I hope you enjoy listening to our exchange which is barely edited and about the most natural conversation you could listen to one these topics. It finishes with Ziyad speculating on how social science will see this period of extreme change in our working and social practices. The podcast link is here.

Thank you to Ziyad Marar for his time and insight into a wide range of subjects.

Kind regards, Ruth

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