Guest Post by Andrew Hughes from Vizzi: How to Ace Your Remote Interview for an Internship.

If you’ve been in the workforce for a while, you are likely already a pro at being interviewed for jobs or internships. You know how to ask and answer questions, and generally how to shine when interacting with a hiring manager. If you’re new to the workforce, however, you may find this whole process a little intimidating. And no matter how comfortable you are with in-person interviews, the advent of the Zoom interview has raised a whole new set of challenges for people seeking internship positions at any age. This blog provides some tips for you if you’re preparing to be evaluated remotely for an internship.

Is your resume professional, clear, and up to date?
● Go over your resume to make sure you have all relevant experience included, and irrelevant details deleted.
● The formatting on your resume needs to be clear and consistent.
● Consider hiring a professional resume writer to go over yours and help you polish it. You can choose from a variety of professional service options, online.

How to prepare for an interview.
● Researching the company.
● Read up on the position you are applying for.
● Make notes detailing points you’d like to raise, as well as questions you want to ask.
● Have a sharp, stylish, and professional outfit picked out.

Additional preparations you need for a Zoom interview.
● Choose a staging area where the lighting is good, and you can guarantee you won’t be interrupted.
● Be sure the area around your computer is clean and free of clutter. Clearing clutter will give you a mood boost that will help your interview go well.
● Check the area that will appear on the screen to make sure it looks appealing and professional. A few art accents or neatly stacked books make a nice touch. Old concert posters or heaps of clothing, not so much.
● Even if you think interviewers will only see your head and torso, be prepared from head to toe (you never know what could happen).
● Let your family or housemates know when you are doing your interview, so they won’t interrupt.

Get your devices ready for your remote interview.
● All devices should be charged, ready, and updated with the apps or software needed.
● Be sure you have reliable internet. If you suspect that your connection isn’t great, consider using a mobile hotspot.
● If you haven’t used Zoom before, do a trial run with a friend.
● Be ready to turn off all notifications on your devices and to silence your phone when you’re sitting down for your interview.

How to stand out during your Zoom interview.
● Don’t keep your interviewers waiting. Be on time, with your devices all set to go.
● Be polite to everyone you engage with.
● Use phrases that imply confidence rather than those that imply uncertainty.
● Be aware of the importance of body language.
● Don’t forget to look into the camera while speaking.
● Ask your own questions, as well as give clear answers.

Additional tips for landing a great internship.
● Develop a professional network.
● Be sure you have contacts who can give you top-notch recommendations.
● Seek out mentorship relationships with experienced professionals.
● Demonstrate your value to the company – what really sets you apart from the competition and makes you unique.

A lot of what you’re aiming for when preparing for a Zoom interview is the same as you’d be aiming for in an interview: You need to impress the company with your qualifications, talents, and professionalism. You need to engage them, so they are interested in hearing more from you. In order to do this via video, you do need to be comfortable with the format and know how it works. You also need to be aware of what could go wrong, to keep that from happening.

Kind regards, Andrew Hughes from below:

Header Image is via Pixabay.

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