Stepping down as CEO: an interview with James Routledge, Sanctus

James Routledge, Founder and the former CEO of Sanctus, recently decided to appoint someone else as CEO for his organisation. He speaks of why he decided to make this change and move towards thought leadership instead.

Stepping down as CEO: An interview with James Routledge, Sanctus (a mental health organisation) Inventing Change Podcasts

James Routledge posted publicly about his decision to step down as CEO from a start-up mental health organisation, which he originally founded. Here he talks about his uncertainty prior to making this radical change, why he did it, and what he is focussing on now. An inspiring and unexpected interview with someone who achieved the aspiration of many while still in his twenties!
  1. Stepping down as CEO: An interview with James Routledge, Sanctus (a mental health organisation)
  2. An interview with Roger Horton: the highs (and lows) of Imposter Syndrome

It’s a great conversation where James is completely open about his reasons, and openly shares the impact on his mental health, his coping strategies and the consequences for his day to day life. Unusually, James completely believed in himself founding a company entirely from scratch, yet felt uncomfortable as CEO.

Contrary to popular belief therefore, imposter syndrome is not necessarily about an individual’s inner confidence, it’s more about your own perceived level of skill or ability in a particular area. James shows once again that even if you feel an ‘imposter’ in some areas, it’s possible to be incredibly successful in another space or role. Something to celebrate!

Thank you very much to James for his time, contribution and openness to my podcast channel.

Kind regards, Ruth

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