What we need right now is Hygge…

A very good friend gave me a book about Danish hygge a few years ago, and me being a bookworm, I’ve just started reading it! So here’s my first attempt making Cinnamon swirls:

Recipe here!

Hygge is cosiness and comfort. Hot drinks, candles and (in our house) big, fluffy blankies. It’s friends in small groups, the end of the day when tired after a big day out, and the cake. Yum. Its feeling comfortable in your own skin, content with sitting still. The Italian’s call it La Dolce Far Niente. The Norwegians, koselig.

It’s what many of us are doing right now, it’s what others probably want to be doing. It’s a great way to cope in the lockdown, in my opinion anyhow! It’s what you do to feel good. It’s not looking at social media 🤔😉 (so stop reading this 🤣😂!!).

Looking forward to more hygge after lockdown!

Love Ruth x

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