Chapter 1: Leadership is an attitude not a position.

The leadership attitude starts with belief, self belief. The attitude of a leader delineates both their style of leadership and their success as a leader. If a leader genuinely wants to create positive cultures, teams and activities, then they need to genuinely believe in the overall purpose. If a leader wants to truly inspire they need to communicate genuine belief in the higher cause and the people chosen to deliver it.

I saw someone wrote about how to appear genuinely complimentary towards someone recently. This seems contradictory to me, if you genuinely want to compliment someone, why would you need to know how to appear that way. The recipient will sense your genuineness, the recipient will sense you pretence of being genuine. A true dichotomy.

I’m wondering if the courage of a true leader is actually to be completely yourself. To play the ‘Infinite Game’ that Simon Sinek describes, but the game according to you, not anyone else.

So if you lead according to you, how do you set your agenda for everyone else? What is the impact of an absolute stance on your team when you’re a leader? Ultimately it could be alienation. It could be a diversion in your vision or what you envision achieving. In which case, are you adaptable and ready to accommodate the views and opinions of others? Who in your immediate circle do you trust to support your aims, even if by doing so those aims shift?

Creating an ecosphere of trusted advisors is essential in times of radical change. These advisors act essentially as a reality check, not to constrain or divert, but to validate your assumptions and conclusions. They can be individuals at any level in your organisation or outside, as long as they are prepared to speak up. A group of people with divergent characteristics, experience, ages and roles is ideal. Remember the key is that they speak up.

This is the first draft of Chapter 1 of my book called Leadership Now. Please let me have any feedback. Hoping my writing resonates with the challenges we’re facing…

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Love Ruth x


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