Coronavirus boredom epidemic is real!

How often do we need to entertain ourselves and our kids within our own four walls, 24:7?? Not that often ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‰. So inevitably as the boredom level goes up, the creativity goes along with it resulting in some brilliant stuff to make us laugh, when life’s not so funny… First the musicians…

We have Corona Karaoke on Facebook.

We have the conductor of the Abingdon Concert Band playing William Tell on the trombone, in a four part arrangement:

We have the Teatro Il Nazionale playing as a full orchestra in separate locations:

And then the classic ‘I Will Survive’ with the kids at home by a desperate looking mum in leotard.

I will survive!!

And my personal favourite…

A couple ‘horseriding’ (child appropriate)

Please share more as you see them we all need some lightheartedness this week.

Love Ruth x

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