Whatever you do, don’t panic!

There’s no doubt the coronavirus shut down could be scary. Food shortages, health products and toilet rolls disappearing from the shelves… But what are we actually panicking about?

We’re asked to stay at home, nice. The supermarkets and local shops are responding admirably to speed up the supply chain. The vulnerable are being supported by their local communities and anyone working to alleviate the crisis have been offered various concessions as organisations realise they are critical to our ongoing wellbeing – the NHS staff offered free coffee by Pret a Manger, Greggs and McDonald’s last week. I’m sure others will follow suit.

There’s alot to feel good about. It’s about keeping the potential panic in proportion. Many people have food in the freezer. Many restaurants are offering takeaway. Shops are offering home delivery – try your local bookshop instead of Amazon. And although people are losing jobs, the government has offered extra help for those in need. At the Community Larders, run by SOFEA, we’re packing up boxes of food to distribute where we normally run the larders. The supermarkets have assigned times for the elderly and disabled to shop undisturbed.

So many people are helping others in many ways. In our village the kids are drawing pictures of animals to hang in the windows and create a walking safari. Parents worried about what to with children off school can join the Facebook group, Share Home Learning Ideas, and join The Body Coach YouTube channel for the kids exercise hour.

If we can keep calm and carry on, then this could be a treasured time. Being positive and looking for opportunities to enjoy a slower pace, could be seen as a reprieve from normal daily stresses. Meditate, reflect and watch telly… Oh and like Sarah Millican:

Lots of love,

Ruth x

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