Coronavirus and our Carbon Footprint πŸ€”πŸ™„

While I sit at home, not exactly self-isolating but not going to an office, I’ve been thinking about the benefits of the coronavirus. Of course the downsides and risks are clear but… there is an opportunity here.

It may seem back to front, at first. There is a benefit of not travelling though, being off work or school and spending time at home. The obvious is spending more time with family doing the little things. Playing games, making cakes, or just watching telly.

Then there’s the lack of rush hour. Less stress, less rush, more time. On top of that there’s less car exhaust fumes, less pollution.

Then there’s less events, conferences and sports. No footie on TV – yeah!! But also fewer flights, fewer crowds, and dare I say it less hustle. Is there an impact in reducing crime? Lowering violence? Reducing the ‘fear of missing out’ style of anxiety. Nothings happening so staying home feels sensible, not boring! With fewer flights, less fuel consumption, and lower carbon emissions. With less travel and cancelled flights, does it reduce drug trafficking? I have no idea, but I think someone should do the maths πŸ‘€.

I don’t think the coronavirus is a good thing. But I think it could show us the benefits of a simpler life. It’s not a joke if you’re self employed but what I see is many groups of people wanting to help each other. It’s initiating a cultural responsibility that I last saw in Ghana. In the village I stayed, if someone was hungry and poor, someone else fed them. If that someone became hungry, another would feed them. It was the epitomy of good karma and is increasingly happening here.

Let’s hope we can learn something as well as keeping germ free. I for one am enjoying making house,keeping up with the garden and chilling out! If I’m helping save the world too, even better!

Stay warm and safe people.

Love Ruth x

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  1. Very good points Ruth. Today schools have been cancelled for the coming weeks so that’s even less travel. From Lucas. πŸ‘


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