10 thoughts about life…

I’ve been through a strange year of ups and downs so far (alot of downs to be honest). I finally realised that many of the downs was due to my own, somewhat pessimistic view of what I felt I deserved, rather than a positive view on what could possibly happen. I also watched a video about Whitney Houston today and she too never thought she was good enough… one of the greatest performers of all time.

So I thought I’d share a few of my recent mottos to try and reverse the trend in myself, while possibly helping someone else too:

1. Ask for more than you think you will get. If you ask for what you actually want, then you may get more than expected or even something better!

2. Ask for more than you think you deserve. Raise your perceived value higher than you believe yourself to be.

3. Aim for more than you think you will achieve! And you may achieve more…

4. Be more honest than you believe is wise.

5. Have more faith than you see around you.

6. Be silly. Have fun. Play!

7. Do stuff others would never have the courage to do.

8. Email people you would never expect to reply. They may just reply!

9. Assume the answer could be yes.

10. Envision the future you want, without compromise.

I’m hoping with these in mind, at least most of the time, that next year will be better! Remembering the lyrics to Perfect Day, “you’re gonna reap just what you sow” and committing to sowing something good this year.

All the best.

Love Ruth x

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  1. Some interesting food for thought. Surrounding yourself only with those who love you without condition is so important too. It’s too easy to fall in to negative mindsets if those around you endorse that way when you’re struggling xx Here’s to a happier, more positive, star shining, asking for and receiving more than you think you deserve, kind of day ( I recommend not thinking in years, months or weeks, just days, sometimes just hours or minutes…it takes the pressure off..😉😊) xxx


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