Mum, you’re so embarassing šŸ˜‚

Or indeed, ‘Dad, you’re so embarassing!’. One of my favourite hobbies is embarrassing my child! So far, I have simply sung loudly and with mostly the wrong lyrics, but I’m sure I can improve šŸ¤£.

When I was a teenager, I wss persistently mortified by my parents… I now suspect, like me they were doing it deliberately. Purely for entertainment. Purely to see me squirm. Now I understand how fun it can be!

I look forward to upping my game in this respect. Oh, the joy of embarrassing my own teenager as and when she gets to that age. Only two years to go āœŒļø.

The pure hilarious prospect of passing it down to the next generation. Hope you enjoy parenting your kids as much as I do! Brilliant times.

Lots of love

Ruth x

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