Horsey fun, family and friendship ðŸŽˆ!

I’m on holiday, a horseriding holiday, this week. Oh yes, I can hear you laughing! I’m not built for speed, but I figure my bum’s big enough to cope with sitting on a horse for two days…

Probably won’t be able to sit down next week. Wish I had a stand up desk 😂.

We set off on Tuesday morning for a four to six hour trek over two days. We have all the kit, brand new, bought Tuesday morning. We are truly ‘all the gear, no idea’ (well I am anyhow, as I’ve not ridden in about 15 years.) Think Thelwell cartoons, only older, slightly thinner and supposedly wiser.

Here’s a picture of us today:

We were really well looked after by Ellesmere Riding Centre, Llangorse in the Brecon Beacons. Their email is: if you’d like to try it out! Highly recommended, beautiful and well trained horses and a great team 😊👍.

We had a brilliant time, I hope you will too.

Lots of love Ruth x

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