Online presenting.

Having watched many Zoom presentations, online conferences and webinars recently, I’ve come up with a few nuggets of advice. My YouTube channel is building momentum and I’ve been practising different styles too. I’m trying to learn from other video makers from Simon Sinek to a multitude of comedians on Facebook and realise that capturing the audience attention really quickly is crucial in gaining followers. Please do watch the video for additional tips, but the summary list is below for easy reference:

Online presenting: suggestions

• Make a broad plan
• Have your presentation deck open already
• Don’t rely on notes
• Speak naturally – you know your stuff!
• Get yourself happy beforehand

• Be yourself and show your face
• Remember the camera starts right away…
• move your hands
• change facial expression
• Smile
• Look interested… or no one else will be!

• Be concise
• Minimise words on slides
• Use relevant images
• Summarise
• Repeat key messages

• Spend too much time on introductions
• Lose your audience with long words
• Apologise for your inexperience
• Look away too much
• Worry about overexplaining
• Say ‘finally’ and then carry on talking…

And finally, try not to say ‘Umm‘ or ‘So‘ too much… Thank you for listening!

Kind regards, Ruth x

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