Coronavirus: possible business solutions

The government are obviously investing much in trying to support businesses and employees. £330 billion so far. Unfortunately, its not fast enough for many businesses on the brink of cash flow collapse or individuals unable to pay their bills… It’s not enough to focus on employees and furloughs. It’s not enough to postpone tax bills. We need more inventive solutions but what on earth can be done??

Let’s try:

Suspending business rents and rates for 3 months.

Looking at businesses actually benefitting from the lockdown, like supermarkets and internet providers. Can these organisations help subsidise the smaller retailers, the restaurants unable to operate, the pubs and cafes on the brink of collapse. A friend of mine donates 10% of their profits to charity, how could this kind of mechanism be used to help sustain our economy? Could these organisations employ additional staff where contracts have been suspended? A sort of share your team system.

How could gardeners, other outdoor workers and builders contribute to the wider economy as they are able to continue operating? Haven’t come to a good idea as yet but thinking there is something in it…

Could the online retailers with an existing supply chain for delivery help the smaller businesses, now compelled to deliver, instead of clients collecting goods?

Could care homes struggling with staff shortages, employ some of the NHS volunteers? On application individuals could be asked if their information can be shared with other health groups, with a view to directing people where they are most needed. The NHS recruitment teams could employ other private recruitment consultants to assist in managing matching candidates to roles…

How are the government think tanks including business leaders to ensure that the products required can be matched with potential suppliers? We did it during the war for munitions. Can these suppliers recruit staff with appropriate skills through a national database? Perhaps the HMRC records of professionals in different fields be used to identify potential candidates to call on. We don’t want to reach a point on compelling application, we’ve had a million volunteers already for the NHS. There must be other willing people with appropriate skills, particularly if the supplier is able to pay them.

My first pass at ideas the government could use, I’ll have a think about similar ideas for local government entities!

Hope this helps someone.

Love Ruth x

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  1. “Well thought through” is an apt title for your writings, Ruth! Our traditional reliance on “top-down,” hierarchical management models is doomed to fall short in this time where needs are prevalent at every level. It will take a leadership model where individuals are empowered to contribute at their full capacity. That’s a very revolutionary idea – especially in tradition-bound organizations like government (and publishing!) Best of luck to you in your current endeavor to promote that vision!


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