What’s the future business model for research-based video? Let’s discuss.

The world of research video and how we sell them in Scholarly Publishing is literally wide open. There is no tried and tested template of how this business is going to progress, we all just get the feeling that there is revenue potential for video as well as offering a more comprehensive service to our readers and authors. Those who are publishing video seem to have opted for a gratis or freemium model, but free to what level? What is appropriate as payable and at what rate for this new customer market?

I thought I’d create a Business Model Canvas to help me wrestle with this problem, after hearing a session at the R2R Conference featuring:

Dr Heather Staines (moderator): Director of Community Engagement at Delta Think
Peter Berkery: Executive Director at the Association of University Presses
Simon Inger: Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Cadmore Media
Emma Vodden: Director of Publishing at Bone & Joint Publishing

I came up with a Business Model Canvas (BMC) for Research Video that you can view in full here (the summary image is at the top of the page). For those not familiar with the Business Model Canvas approach, it helps you distil your thoughts into a coherent map of your product market, potential, and delivery mechanisms. This in turn leads to a map of how, where, what, and why you’re intending to develop a product and helps ensure it’s a viable idea to invest in.

Having produced the model to landscape the video market, I plan to delve further into two books I rate highly called Gamestorming and Business Model Generation. Both offer fun and workable approaches to brainstorming, and have proved really useful in pulling out both the concepts and marketing plan for new products. Please start supporting independent bookshops like me, as I now refer to Bookshop.org in the references in preference to Amazon.

Please do get in touch if you would like to brainstorm and collaborate regarding this up and coming product area. I plan to start the exercise next week, so look forward to hearing from you.

All the best with your own video ventures.

Kind regards, Ruth Wells (Inventing Change)

Email: ruthcwells@gmail.com

P.S. The Business Model Canvas was built using https://miro.com/ which has a free option.

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