Is World Peace ever achievable?

I guess overall I think it’s worth trying… If we only achieve a 10% lower average death rate from war and conflict, surely that is worth doing and attainable? Imagine what we could achieve by actually aiming for zero deaths from war and conflict.

It’s my belief that solving global poverty is a prerequisite to World Peace. If people have enough plus a bit more, they are generally content and do not have to resort to crime. If in addition to solving poverty, we enabled somehow to ensure that every individual has what they need to be happy then we really triumph! Happy people don’t start wars. Happy people do not envy or blame another race for their problems, and therefore the other reason for violence is removed. Happy people are kind to others and help out their neighbour in need. Happy people are not lonely people as most people are made happy by their family and friends.

Money for its own sake is an empty form of happiness. Checking your bank balance and your increase in wealth is a temporary form of gratification for most people. When individuals have won the lottery, after the initial excitement and flurry of spending, money for money’s sake does not increase that individual’s contentment. In fact money gained by chance can actually lessen their happiness, as friends seek constant help with expectation and may even become jealous and angry if its not supplied. In this case, the original social circle of the winner may rapidly disappear as that person begins to live more lavishly leaving their old friends behind. Please do read my contrasting blog on ‘Keeping up with Expectation’ after a substantial income drop:

Achieving World Peace seems as insurmountable as saving the environment. However, how else are we to save the planet without collaboration and true coherence across every government and every individual? The challenge with both is that each person does not believe they have enough impact to make a difference. This is what we need to collectively change. If every person in the world committed to ‘Doing no harm (the hippocratic oath)’ then this would manifest World Peace. If 50% of the global population ‘Did no harm’, then we would achieve substantial gain and set an expectation which will magnify out. As soon as 50% of people do something, others will follow and soon we would achieve 70%of the population actively supporting World Peace.

In the same way as saving our environment, its about removing inertia. Just because problem seems insurmountable doesn’t mean it is. I look forward to the day when the attitude towards World Peace is ‘completely achievable’ and therefore worth striving for. When I was a teenager I simply felt any impetus towards war should be solved through competing in a video game. No one dies in online gaming. No ones life suffers through gaming. Let’s just pop each country’s leader on an XBox controller and see who wins! The Heads of State could just battle it out in a neutral space. No need for death or suffering. And it would effectively sort the ‘men from the boys’ or in light of my belief in true equality, sort the ‘women from the girls’ or indeed the ‘other boys’.

There is such importance placed on power, where’s the emphasis on working together so our children’s children don’t have to in 54 degree heat like many developing countries now? Please, please, please see the world as a complete unit instead of component parts. I really don’t want to die as a result of nuclear war or lack of food. The same wish applies to thd subsequent generations. World Peace and saving the planet is everyone’s concern…

Thank you for listening.

Love Ruth xxx

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