A gentleman calls.

I’m going to talk about old fashioned manners, usually associated with being a gentleman. Please bear with me, as I’m not talking about the reversal of our journey to gender equality.

I want to discuss what qualities we actually want to retain. Something like “Punctuality is the politeness of Kings.” (embarrassingly quoted from Cinderella the movie šŸ˜‰). Traditionally, a gentleman opens the door for a ‘lady’, walks on the outside of the pavement, and escorts a woman home safely without expectation.

I’m a feminist. I have raised my daughter to believe she has choices and will achieve her potential, partly thanks to a book called ‘How to Raise a Feminist‘. In my head though, feminism does not preclude good manners…

I like good manners. I like civility, saying please and thank you, and offering a hand where appropriate. I like people who see an opportunity to help and take it. My favourite, above all gestures, is random acts of kindness. Small things that accumulate to alot. This sort of kindness builds momentum, as each act encourages the recipient to pass it forward.

As someone who has seen some of the downsides of life, I love people who make the lives of others better. Repetition of small, kind things has power. Inspired by a gift of ‘The Power of Kindness‘, I took this concept into my heart and I aspire to live up to it.

Let’s create an expectation of courtesy. A belief that others will be kind and therefore the conviction that the default position is kindness towards others, whatever their circumstances or status.

Thank you in advance for your help. You never know we might even achieve world peace!!

Lots of love, Ruth x


  1. I look forward to a world where good manners and kindness are not just the domain of a privileged or superior class (something to make them feel better about themselves?) but the way that all beings show respect for one another.


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