The joy of making mud pies!

At the moment, every parent is starting to run short of things to do while the kids are at home. We’ve done the baking, the painting and camping out in the garden, so what on earth do we all do now?? As boredom sets in and our creativity starts to wain, it’s time to let the kids run free!

Let them:

  • Make the mud pies
  • Hang out in the park
  • Scoot or cycle to the shop to buy sweets
  • Lay on the floor with an imaginary tea party of teddy bears
  • Make a den out of old sheets, pillows and books (trying to avoid any breakage of ornaments or china!)
  • Create magic potions from everything in the bathroom, gloopy as they can make it!

Tell them to:

  • Run free
  • Jump in the puddles
  • Dig in the garden
  • Plant something and watch it grow, through a lens if they want to
  • Make their own cakes while Mummy has a little sleep, however messy, however disastrous!
  • Make up a play, not for YouTube or TikTok, but for the neighbours and friends
  • Make up and break a code
  • Go tree/bird/flower spotting
  • Try and write a story about a hippopotamus and a magical beast

Now is the time for kids to be kids. Now is the time for parents to step back, let them muck about and create something all their own. So let them be a bit bored and work out how to make up their own games. Imagination and pretending are skills too, and they start with having nothing to do…

Have fun!

Love Ruth x

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