Working Mum + Summer Holiday = Logistical Challenge

Totally wish I was here! Roll on Summer.

Many mums (and dads and carers) find the Summer holidays a challenge, especially if working full-time (I wrote about the challenges of routine childcare last year, here. In the holidays though, the childcare logistics and requirements ramp up and the routine of a normal week becomes a juggle of priorities, commitments and memory! My diary is colour coded to ensure my daughter is delivered and collected at the right time for various activities… I have only forgotten once in ten years, temporarily for 15 minutes, well twice actually, and am pretty proud of that score!

I start planning the Summer holidays in the October of the previous year. My daughter has tried out most childcare options, so if you’re local to South Oxfordshire, please see our suggestions below. I judge whichever kids camp she’s attending by the size of her grin when she emerges at pick up time!

These are the children’s activity camps that we have tried, love and would book again:

  1. Warborough and Shillingford Pre-School are rated OFSTED Outstanding and have an Easter camp and 3 weeks of Summer Camp, run usually from first week in August. It runs from either 9am to 3 pm or to 5.30pm. It costs less than others, at just over £35 for a full day, but cheaper for a shorter day! They cater for early years children up to 12 year olds and have a wide range of activities, great play leaders and a flexible attitude. We book every year and that tells you something.
  2. Supercamps are great and my daughter has been to their Multi-Activity and Cookery courses. It’s around £45 per day but they discount sometimes, especially if you book well in advance. Many are mixed age groups and they have alot of locations to choose from. The play leaders are brilliant and her grin is very big when she emerges from this group! Worth every penny.
  3. Ultimate Activity runs an awesome Survival Camp, we booked the one near Eynsham at Hill End Outdoor Centre. I have never seen a bunch of children so happy and so muddy! Despite it being the rainiest week in the Spring last year, the kids built shelters, made fires and simply had fun. It’s a ‘No Adult’ zone until Friday afternoon when we were finally allowed in to see what had been going on… Prices are about £45 per day, unless you book early 😉.
  4. The Oxford Cambridge Singing School during the Christmas holidays in the beautiful Worcester College was unexpectedly amazing and my daughter loved it. They achieved a professional standard of singing in just one day. It was melodic and thoroughly impressive even when the children were singing in Latin at times. The age range is from 4 years old to about 14 years. Unbelievable.
  5. Sutton Courtenay All Saints Church also run a two day Kids Club in the Summer but as I book up all my childcare so far in advance, my daughter has not yet been! I have heard it’s great fun and I believe they just ask for a donation.

There’s a few kids camps that my daughter has not enjoyed, but overall she has had an amazing time at all the ones we’ve chosen. I’m running late in booking everything for this year, so I’d better get a wiggle on 😂!

Please let me know if you want to chat about our experience of any we’ve tried. Have fun this Summer!

Love Ruth x

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