To Puppy or Not to Puppy? A Tricky Question.

We have been thinking about getting a dog for about six months. I planned to make a decision in July 2018 and coincidentally the lovely BBC have put this series on:

Choose the Right Puppy for You

Such perfect timing!

So we have been putting together a list of pros and cons, planning logistics and laughing at the afros on the Bichon Frise’s! We selected this breed using the Kennel Club selection tool, which is pretty helpful if you want a dog but have no idea which will suit your family:

There’s something great about picking a dog that matches the owner – my daughter has the Bichon Frise hair!

To be serious I am very aware that my daughter, as an only child, does not have an automatic friend in a brother or sister. So while a dog cannot fulfil all the things a sibling can offer, it can provide unconditional love, and I figure everyone needs alot of that… as well as being an always available playmate and friend.

The logistics are my worry. So here’s a summary of the positives and ‘why nots’ for us:

We’ll let you know what we decide! Please let me know if you have any suggestions or advice.

Love Ruth x

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