Cheesy Mash among other things.

My daughter loves calamari but hates brussel sprouts. She’s tried deep-fried grasshoppers, but won’t eat ham sandwiches. Hates tomato in sandwiches, but will eat snails in garlic. It’s weird.

Children are often fussy eaters, it seems to start at about three years old when they try to assert their authority. After that, I was on a losing streak!

I have tried my parents approach to refuse pudding until she eats her main course. She doesn’t want pudding.

I have tried just forcing her to eat one single brussel sprout. She threw up, probably deliberately, on the plate. Eughh!

I try to make sandwiches she likes. Seriously, the only sandwich she will eat is cheese. Possibly with lettuce. But, not always.

So I’ve resorted to giving her so many things for lunch, there must be something she likes. Tried consulting her about what to cook for tea… one day I’m hoping to regain control. One fine day!

Meanwhile, there’s always cheesy mash.

My view on food (by Nadia):

“Food doesn’t always taste so good, especially if my mum cooks something I really don’t like! I promise you if you put a plate of brussel sprouts in front of me, I would probably scream for a while and then run out of sight for about the rest of the day, but as you should know, I absolutely hate BRUSSEL SPROUTS.”

If you have any other suggestions or methods of persuasion, please feel free to let me know. Could do with the advice.

Love from, somewhat exasperated, mother of one,

Ruth x


  1. It is possible that your daughter has the same brassica gag reflex gene that I have – as soon as I have any Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc in my mouth it happens automatically if it is cooked. Pickled from raw or raw is OK (so I can eat coleslaw or sauerkraut). There is a Polish dish, bigos, which involves taking sauerkraut and cooking it which induces the response, but only very mildly.


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