There is light in you too ğŸ•¯ï¸

🌟 Where there is an intention to change the world, there is hope that the world will change.

Any individual of any race, religion or background can make a decision to use good and bad experiences to help others. Many do. Sometimes obviously, sometimes privately even secretly, but the good is still done however it is delivered. I’m thinking of ‘The Secret Millionaire’ as one example. They identify someone who could do good, observe them without a word and then with no warning offer their unconditional support. Support that was missing, support that was needed. Because they have not disclosed their intention, the recipient is honest about their needs and reveals their commitment without humility to the donor. And so the gift they receive is exactly right for the time and for them to be able to make the biggest difference.

If every individual understood the impact they could have with their unique passion for creating good. Good from bad, the power of a random act of kindness or a commitment to achieve something no-one else could think of. Then the world would improve exponentially from where we are today, momentum for change would increase and we would draw nearer to the nirvana state.

Think about what you could do. Try. If you fail at first, you’ve still tried. Imagine a better world and move towards it.

Go ahead, create what you want to see!

Love Ruth x

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